6" 1024 *758 Eink LCD Ekranas Ritmix RBK-615 Reader LCD nemokamas pristatymas

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  • Ekrano Tipas: Capacitive Ekranas
  • Produkto Tipas: Planšetinio kompiuterio LCD
  • Modelio Numeris: už Ritmix RBK-615
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: XSRUPB
  • Ekrano Dydis: 7~10 Colių
  • Suderinamos Prekės: Universalus

Žymos: dasung mielas žinutes, mt7, platus ekranas, ED060XD4, dwin lcd, ebook reader, Lcd 1024x600, kumelė clara hd ereader, ritmix, ritmix ekranas.


The screen perfectly approached the ritmix rbk-615, the quality of manufacture is not inferior to the original. The surface is the same matte. The title, as on the original, is not specified. Capacitors on the train are installed, as well as on the original (in the photo they are not visible-they are under the sticker). Slightly adjusted by an adjustable resistor: the contrast turned out to be noticeably higher than the original one (however, the original immediately seemed pale). Asked the seller to send an instance with VCON voltage of around-2.46V, but apparently, send what is. This is not a problem because there is a possibility of setting up. By the way, the original screen is glued into the frame on the double-sided adhesive tape, it is difficult to remove. The battery was glued with a large sheet of Scotch directly to the screen (!!!), also barely torn off (the battery goes, you need to be careful). When assembling, I extended the wires and glued the battery to the back cover, not to the screen.