Katur 2vnt H27 Led 880 Led Lemputė H27W1 2400LM 6500K Balta Automobilio Rūko žibintą, Priekiniai Galvos Vairavimo Veikia Lempa Auto 12V H27W/1 H27W

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Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje

Būklė: Nauja


  • Įtampa: 12V
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: KaTur
  • Galia: 10W
  • Spalvos Temperatūra: 6000K
  • Automobilių Prekės Ženklas: universaliųjų automobilių modeliai
  • Automobilio Modelis: universalus automobilių modeliai

katur 2vnt H27 Led 880 Led Lemputė H27W1 2400LM 6500K Balta Automobilio Rūko žibintą, Priekiniai Galvos Vairavimo Veikia Lempa Auto 12V H27W/1 H27W

Techniniai duomenys:

Bazinė Tipas: Standartinis 880

LED Tipas: 3570 Naujausias SPT Led Lustai

LED Spalva: Balta 6500K

Darbinė Įtampa: 12V

Liumenų: 2400 Lums / Pora

LED Tarnavimo laikas: 50.000 valandos

Spalvos Temperatūra: 6000-7000K

Spindulio Kampas: 360 laipsnių

Tipas: LED Lemputės Pakeitimas

Naudojimas: Bendro naudojimo Posūkio Signalo, Stabdžių, automobilių Stovėjimo aikštelė, Uodega, DRL ir Rūko Žibintai ant Automobilių, Sunkvežimių, VISUREIGIS, Sedanas, Motociklų, Motorolerių, Priekabos, RV, Valčių, Laivų, ebs.


Prašome įsitikinkite, kad LED lemputės yra 880 Pleišto Lizdas prieš užsakymą.

Jei jūs vis dar nežinote, ką LED Lemputė tinka jūsų automobiliui, kreipkitės į mus pagalbos.

Kokybės Garantija:

*Griežtai bandymai prieš pristatymas.

*Profesionalus pakuotės.

*Per 1 metus jokio pagrindo grįžti.


2vnt H27 880 Lemputės

Žymos: 10 colių led žibintų, lululemon, 881 h27, hb1 led 20000lm, peterbilt, 881 h27w 2, LHD, h27 led, auto led mėlynos spalvos žibintai 12v, lempa.


Bodywork By Heather
The goods are good in quality. But one bulb does not work.
Order received in 10 days, seller sent everything quickly. The two lamps were wrapped in a navel pack and packed in a standard package with AliExpress. Both lamps came without visible defects and damage. Installed the lamps in the fog, shine very well and brightly on the first impression, much brighter than the regular lamps. How long will they last? Thank you very much, good luck with the business, and I recommend it to the seller.
The people who receive the parcel immediately run to put 5 stars, Yu with the words: "The parcel received, everything is whole, I have not checked yet!" And the point then is to write a review if you did not check the performance of the goods? I checked today. It's something! Some say that they do not shine better, or even worse than regular ones. Most likely this applies to new machines, where regular already led. Personally, on my Cadillac, the staff do not shine at all in fact. I turn on the fog lamps only to make the machine look more beautiful from the side)) I can't even figure out if I turned them on, since there's no light from them. With these same bulbs It Shines completely different. Unfortunately, the photo does not give much difference, but I still attach it. Father scared, like such bulbs ammo can swim, or the glass yellows. I do not believe it, but just in case, after a time I will check and complement the feedback
The goods came to Surgut in 14 days, Shine is not bad