Mini Nešiojamas TS100 OLED Programuojamas Elektrinis Litavimo Geležies stotis STM32 Skaitmeninis displėjus, Greito Atšilimo TSTips InterfaceDC5525

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  • Prekės Pavadinimas: LAECHO
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Modelio Numeris: ts100

Mini Nešiojamas TS100 OLED Programuojamas Elektrinis Litavimo Geležies stotis STM32 Skaitmeninis displėjus, Greito Atšilimo TS Patarimai Sąsaja DC5525 PASTABA: Šis litavimo stotis neturi elektros Energijos tiekimo !PASTABA:Geležies patarimas neveikia nuolat aukštos temperatūros, didelės temperatūros dirbti yra lengva sugadinti patarimas!Įprasta lydmetalio lydymosi temperatūra yra 183°C, bešvinio lydmetalio lydymosi temperatūra yra 227°C, paprastai suvirinimo temperatūra yra 300-380°C, 380°C temperatūros skiriamoji linija, didesnis nei 380°C, geležies galvos oksidacijos ir nuostoliai yra labai greita, rimtai paveikti šildymo core gyvenimo Didesnis kaip 380°C temperatūros ekranas bus plakimas, kuo didesnė temperatūra, tuo didesnis plaka!Rekomenduojama 300-380°C suvirinimo darbus, dauguma darbų gali būti atlikti, temperatūra, širdies plakimas yra normalu, netrukdo naudoti!Modelio Numeris: TS100 Išėjimo Galia: 65W Temperatūros Stabilumas: 2 laipsnių Celsijaus Išėjimo Temperatūra: 100-400 laipsnių Celsijaus Įvesties Voltagle: 12-24V Bendras Ilgis: 168mm Įėjimas:DC24V Spalva: Juoda Įeina: 1 x lituoklio valdymo terminalo 1 x Šešiakampis prietaisą, 1 x Box lituoklio galiuko SET1:(TS-aš TS-BC2 TS-K) SET2:(TS-aš TS-BC2 TS-K TS-D24 TS-KU) SET3:(TS-aš TS-BC2 TS-K TS-D24 TS-KU TS-B2 TS-C4)

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Very fast arrived in Brazil in 6 days more 8 product to get my home full 14 days was at hand was not branded All as Says in AD can trust
Lupina Guzman
Unbelievable solder iron, if you are considering getting this, I would say go right ahead you won't regret it. Never used a solder iron quite like this one before, heat up time is unbelievable and its so light it lets you do very detailed work with ease.
Chasik 86
Took as a gift to her husband on Dr. He is fully delighted, said that he replaces his cumbersome and uncomfortable soldering station. I went there some firmware, I was happy as a child. ))) sits pats the LED lights and other nonsense)))
I got this soldering iron, I ordered myself for my birthday. Very happy that I bought it here, because the kit is such, as I searched and only found here. I bought it with three gals-they are the most expensive, and without a power supply. This is my first order on AliExpress and honestly worried, but the seller sent everything as stated, thank him so much. And the most important thing is that the socket in the soldering iron is not тарахтит, as some complained on the Internet. The package is whole, without dents. If anyone is interested, then the firmware version is 2.18. Slightly tested with a power supply from a laptop at 19 v. Everything works, the only thing at the first turn on displayed the temperature is strange, the numbers jumped strongly (then 200, then 400), but then how heated 300 degrees all norms, it did not repeat any more and everything works like a clock. I am very pleased, I recommend to buy!
Serui Maslinkov
Realy nice! Fast heating 300°c in 10sec. All good and look hi-end soldering iron. thanks